Headwear and Accessories
Headwear and Accessories

Headwear and accessories 

Choosing suitable headwear or other accessories can sometimes be quite challenging, due to the vast varieties available from our Inter Branding catalog, but focusing on the end goal, which is getting your brand known and/or your logo out to the masses, we can surely claim that there is a certain amount of structure and...

Headwear and accessories 

Choosing suitable headwear or other accessories can sometimes be quite challenging, due to the vast varieties available from our Inter Branding catalog, but focusing on the end goal, which is getting your brand known and/or your logo out to the masses, we can surely claim that there is a certain amount of structure and guidelines to follow. Headwear and accessories are only a part of the total outfit, but stands out more and are quite easy to distribute in large quantities.

So, with that said, why, what and how?

A fashion accessory is an item of clothing like a cap, scarve, gloves etc… used to contribute, in a secondary manner, the wearer’s outfit, often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look. Sounds so sophisticated, doesn’t it? In history, these fashion accessories held a big significance for how people experienced gender, race or class, for even in 1350 B.C. it is well known that the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti wore a finely woven scarf that was topped by a conical headdress. The romans on the other hand, called it a “sudarium”, which is Latin for “sweat cloth” or like in the middle ages where hats were a marker of social status, used to single out certain groups or factions. Sounds familiar? Like in the military where these accessories may denote nationality, branch of service, rank or regiment. What gives the accessories the power and effectiveness is the unity in which it is worn and the message of confidence that it portrays. Today, fortunately, fashion has evolved to a stage where we can stay classy and comfortable all together, while still being protected from all the elements. Accessories emphasizes one’s personal taste and preference, while presenting endless opportunities for outfits. Clothing may physically take up more space in one’s closet or outfit, but accessories are the important detail needed to complete each look, therefore having a huge impact on spreading an image or logo. Not everyone can wear the same shirt or pants repeatedly, but caps, beanies, scarves, gloves and all the rest can be worn regularly, thus increasing the visibility of your logo or brand. Will it change over time? We at IB strongly believe that just as people change, fashion will as well, therefore we’ll do our part in staying on top of any change or trend that oozes out from the different perspectives of the world. We also encourage you to always develop your own sense of style that is unique from what the world dictates and to achieve that goal, we provide an array of ideas and perspectives to make choosing a product just a little bit easier…

So What Can We As Inter Branding Offer?

From leisure wear to sportwear for both indoors and outdoors, we offer a versatile collection of headwear essentials and accessories, with a broad spectrum of styles for men, women and children of all ages. With our wide selection of premier brands such as Slazenger, Zoom, the Gary Player collection and Swiss peak, just to name a few, we guarantee that we can keep you connected to the best and latest designs and are able to supply all and any. Our industry leading products are designed to meet all your needs, whether in the office, on the road or on the field of play, making it fast and easy for you to display your own logo or preferred method of branding. For this we offer you the choice of seven different branding methods, which allows you to create your own style or fashion statement while advertising your own idea and logo, with the aim to be worn by many.

Imagine crowds of thousands, chanting to a rhythm, while sporting your logo on hats of the same shape or colour, or you, simply promoting your brand at your company golf day, with friends and colleagues all wearing matching coloured or branded gloves, bringing forth that perfect swing to the game, deserving the victory round. The effect that a branded product has, especially in headwear and other accessories, is undeniable when seen in mass and unity. On even a smaller scale you can surely picture kids playing sports, their parents running next to the field, all red faced and puffing, while screaming for their child to score the winning point or goal, only to realize that they encouraged the wrong kid due to the team wearing corresponding beanies! At IB that would be what we call a winning recipe for success, because that’s what memories are made of, all the while, with your logo or brand being a part of it.

We always have a desire and need to exceed your expectations; therefore, we can meet any modern demands for quality, quantity, durability, style and design, making it easy for you to expand your ideas and build your legacy, thru branding a product with us.


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  • Caps

    Choose our products to power your brand. The visual effect that caps create, is surely undeniable when it comes to the brand or logo being displayed. The mere fact that a cap is worn on the head, provides a vast area of visual shop display, since its closest to the eyes and sometimes the first to be seen when looking at the wearer, especially if the logo or brand is in the front, making it a great way to share or even distribute your idea in logo design. Just like a crowd of people all wearing the same caps, on a visual aspect, it is an effective way to portray to the one seeing it, the use and goal of the cap itself. For outdoor use, we offer cap designs such as the Palm Bay Peak cap, made from twill cotton and designed with an open top part for keeping the wearer cool, while still portraying the chosen logo or company brand on it, or like our Tuscon 5 Panel Trucker Cap, made with brushed cotton and mesh on the sides and the back, giving the wearer both coverage from the sun, while allowing for air flow through the rest of the cap with its mesh design. When safety is your top priority, it’s always a good idea to focus on the visual effect it gives in the sense of an attracting type of reflective or neon color. Just like our “safety first” 6 panel caps, with its reflective peak edge and closure tape, making the wearer visible, thus spreading awareness to those around. The knowledge and incontrovertible evidence exists in the fact that even the most modest piece of reflective material, can help to prevent injury. Each of our cap designs has its own distinct personality, even in the most demanding environments, whether indoor or outdoor, so choosing a suitable cap can be tricky, but keeping in mind that color, design and logo position plays a big role, can surely be a healthy method in choosing the right one.

  • Scarfs and Gloves
    Scarfs and Gloves

    A scarf can complete an outfit by adding to its fashion and the outfits overall look. Choosing the right color or the right spot to sport your logo on, can be tricky. Surely a valuable piece of clothing when a cold breeze looms and bytes at your neck, however, ordering any piece of clothing in quantity surely states that the aim is mainly to provide great advertising opportunities and expanding your brand awareness abilities, using the way that a scarf is usually worn, as a guide to choosing the right spot for your logo.

    Whether wrapping it around the neck twice or letting the scarf hang freely on both sides, what makes a scarf an effective tool in spreading the above-mentioned ideas and designs, is the chance of the points or ends of this accessory to most likely be visible at most times, making that the perfect spot to sport your company logo or brand on. Also consider the color of the scarf,  A light color always stands out more when on a darker color, so keeping your logo design in mind can contribute to the choosing of this trait. Of course, this aim can be improved or the effect simply amplified by adding matching colored gloves and/or beanies and then creating the perfect winter warmer set, ensuring the best coverage and awareness for your brand. From our vast selection to a variety of different styles and types, choosing the right accessory have never been easier.

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