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With our vast selection of Premier brands, we at IB made it our mission to keep you in the fast lane, by providing professional, skilled and probably the friendliest service available. We at IB get that your time is precious and a part of your product branding success, depends on the effectiveness and speed of us arranging the best and most trustworthy delivery services available.
Driven by our desire to exceed your expectations, we can meet any modern demands for both quality and quantity, not to mention the durability, style and design of our products. Since we only supply products that adhere to the highest international standards, we also understand that trust, speed and efficiency plays a big role in getting your product delivered, therefore we have created some great delivery options coupled with the best delivery services and put it at your disposal.
Inter Branding standard Eco delivery service: Once your product has been branded (7-14 days) it only takes 2-3 days to be delivered, this includes all major cities nationwide, depending on the destination. However if your delivery address is close to one of our main distribution cities, delivery can be as quick as 24Hrs! Please keep in mind though that we offer you this service absolutely FREE of charge when the minimum criteria of R1000 min spend has been met.
We don’t say no to ANY challenge and therefore we also have certain Express delivery options available, where separate delivery fees may apply, should you require it. Having a great and respected personal relationship with our delivery company, we are capable of keeping track, following up on the delivery status and giving you an update should you necessitate one.  So, having said all this, we can delivery anything, anywhere in the world. So, you can rest assure and rely on us to get your product to you in a fast and professional manner, getting you going on your road on building your legacy and expanding your ideas.

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