Notebooks and Diaries
Notebooks and Diaries

Here at Inter Branding SA we truly have the biggest SA selection of Notebooks, journals and diaries available in every size, like A4 A5 or A6 with great colour selections from pink, blue, black, green and everything in between, all available with the best branding service so you can have them branded perfectly, your way! And all this comes with ...

Here at Inter Branding SA we truly have the biggest SA selection of Notebooks, journals and diaries available in every size, like A4 A5 or A6 with great colour selections from pink, blue, black, green and everything in between, all available with the best branding service so you can have them branded perfectly, your way! And all this comes with the fastest and most reliable SA Nationwide delivery to your door or office.

So what is notebooks, Journals or Diaries to Us here at Inter Branding SA? 

Generally employed for personal use, Diaries has played a role in many aspects of our daily lives, since it is normally acquired for the recording and daily entry of our personal experiences or in other terms, a printed or written down account that can also prove to be valuable and limited in some aspects of our human nature. Looking at the definition of the above mentioned, is what can also be known as a journal; In plain, a written record of incidents, experiences and ideas or not so plain, your repository for bits of experience, observation and thought destined for eventual use in one writing project or another.

Surely everyone at one stage or another, has attempted to record the on goings of their daily life, whether it be for personal or professional use, or even in some cases, recommended for its therapeutic qualities. Nowadays with technology soaring, the physical act of methodically writing down everyday occurrences, regardless of its importance, have become a demanding task for most and therefore means of easier  capture and access to one’s personal recordings in life have been sought after and many other means has been made possible thru technology,  but what makes the written account valuable, is the mere fact that its normally chronicled according to one’s personal state of mind, allowing little mistakes like spelling and grammar and emphasizing on a level of emotion that cannot always be obtained thru technology. Whether writing down one’s daily events or sharing experiences, it can sometimes be a part of a person’s private and most intimate moments, either with the intend to learn new things about one’s self or for leaving behind our own “emotionally connected” footprint in this universe. The best part is that a video camera or still photo may capture the exterior, a pose that reflects a desired impact, which can be false or abought emotion, while with a Diary or Notebook, the most intricate part of the human psyche can be captured, thru sharing of accounts in its most vivid form.

The emphasis can then surely be put on personal choice, for its up to you in every sense of the meaning. You can choose; the content, the activity it relates to and times the entries are made, for doing more than composing trite commonplaces or mechanically listing what happens each day, one is sometimes forced or for a better word, required to have an honest and fresh look at the world around and at one’s inner self, for there is no doubt that paper is patient and this is a process by which each passing day is captured, not only its impressions, but also, at least by suggestion, its intellectual direction and content as well, less for the purpose of rereading and remembering than for taking stock, reviewing, maintaining awareness and achieving perspective.

Like in the words of one of the most renowned philosophers of our time, Plato:

'Now you, who are the father/mother of letters, have been led by your affection to ascribe to them a power the opposite of that which they really possess. For this invention will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. . . You offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom, for they will read many things without instruction and will therefore seem to know many things, when they are for the most part ignorant.' . . .

So, we can surely all state that keeping the latter named, brings forth an action that allows us to be distinguished from the rest in the sense that we look pass the dictating manner of the new era and by doing this it helps us to understand one of the most fascinating parts of our existence, namely our emotional self…


This brings us to the importance of deciding on exactly what type of Diary or Notebook will be needed to achieve unity between thought and action. Whether fun or functional or both, we have it all, while making practicality thru quality our top priority and with a vast variety to choose from, acquiring this handy expedient will be but a click away.

With brands such as the always popular Avatar Gift Set, which includes a Notebook that comes in a variety of different colours such as Black, Blue, Lime, Orange, Red and Turquoise with a dash of colour on the page edges, ribbon and elastic, a matching coloured Avatar Pen and presented in a black presentation box, a worthy gift will be in the making. Of course, this item can be branded with a variety of branding methods, however Debossing or Screen Printing will be the best option in this case, making your brand or company logo stand out as a reminder of the gift giver.

If writing is not your desired method for getting in touch with this vast and complex network of inner Identity, Inter-Branding even caters for all other needs regarding the unwinding of a busy and reflective mind, like with our brand-new range of Unwind Adult Colouring Notebooks, featuring 40 illustrated pages and 40 lined pages with 300g of white Kraft paper or our New range of Wildlife Stickers and Colouring Book which speaks for itself.

To us nothing is too farfetched or incomprehensible and we strive at exceeding your best expectations thru our professional and swift client order procedures.


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