A little more about us as a company and our mission, goals and aspirations

Tel: +27 (0) 87 550 2529 Email: info@inter-branding.co.za

Our registered trading company is Branding 247 (company #2017/234667/07) with our customer call centre based in Hermanus, Western Cape. However we have distribution warehouses and branding facilities in all major cities across South Africa, From Johannesburg to Durban down to Port Elizabeth through to Cape Town and back up to Bloemfontein we have the entire SA covered. 

“Inter Branding SA” was chosen as our public and web presence as it best describes what we are all about and what we bring to the table as a supply and branding company in South Africa, Africa and even the world. We are a company that supplies products (Branded and unbranded) that are of the highest international standards in terms of product quality, service, delivery and branding capabilities. From the first time you contact us for quote to placing an order, through to delivery our aim is to make things as effortless, cost effective and timely as possible for you, while never compromising our quality standards at any point.

So What Makes US the Authority on International Standards?

Well, Inter Branding was started up by a group of friends (Practically Family) that have international experience in many industries, from owning successful European ecommerce stores, international delivery companies, international call centres to name just a few and even international branding companies servicing some of the largest corporate entities in the world. But that’s not the entire story. Each director comes from humble beginnings and through the years gained experiences and knowledge in even more fields than you can imagine, as they would always humbly say “We are jack of all trades but masters of non” however all this experience lead to the success in their personal endeavours. And now everything comes together for one grand purpose and that is INTER BRANDING SA.

Each director hear at Inter Branding is hands on when it comes to his or her field of expertise, whether being product procurement, ecommerce, delivery, branding, call centre or customer service. Every working part of IB is in the best hands possible insuring you receive the best buying experience possible, always!

So why was Inter Branding SA Started Up?

After dealing with many corporate and international companies over the years in terms of branding, it became very clear that South Africa had a large but very much untapped branded product industry when it came to individuals or small to medium businesses. However, due to a hand full of companies holding the monopoly, they were never pushed to up their standards, especially in terms of product offering and a high level of service they were required to deliver. This meant that individuals and small to medium businesses were being over looked and drawing the short end of the stick even though they make up the bulk of the demand in SA.

Well, NO more of that, for we are here! Assisting large, small to medium companies or simply an individual, everybody receives the same high level of offered service, whether in product availability, pricing or timing. We believe if your company quality standards are truly as high as you make them out to be then each client will be treated the same and the service will not be determined by the size of the company or the order.

Some Inter Branding Highlights

  • Delivery you can trust

    Inter Branding has the most trusted and fastest delivery in SA and we deliver Nationwide which means you don’t have to arrange outside carriers to get your order delivered. Standard Eco Delivery (2-3 days) is included FREE of charge on all orders over R1000 (Within SA Borders). Once your order has been branded in in approx. 7 Working days your order will be delivered in 2-3 days, however if you are in a major distribution point or city it could be as little as 24hrs. For more on delivery view our delivery page

  • The highest quality products

    We understand that some of the products our clients are purchasing might be simple corporate gifts, for a once off protest or simply for their staff. However we also understand that it is your brand/logo being printed on it, so the product should be just as reliable and highest quality as what the brand represents that is being printed on it. We only supply products that adhere to the highest international standards in terms of raw materials used and manufacturing standards and procedures. IB only supplies products that we would put our logo/brand on! 

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