Corporate Gifts and Other
Corporate Gifts and Other

So, why gifts?

Gifts are meant to show gratitude and appreciation for a personal relationship and not always for the value of business that’s done. A gift is something that is given without expecting any form of payment in return. The act of giving a gift can be as old as humans, with men who gave generously could more easily attract a mate. Eve...

So, why gifts?

Gifts are meant to show gratitude and appreciation for a personal relationship and not always for the value of business that’s done. A gift is something that is given without expecting any form of payment in return. The act of giving a gift can be as old as humans, with men who gave generously could more easily attract a mate. Even in the animal kingdom, it has been observed, that small gifts of food have been given to females by our near relatives, the chimpanzees. On a much bigger scale, governments have been exchanging gifts as signs of peace and goodwill since ancient times. Often diplomatic gifts were live animals, such as a flock of birds which Richard the lionhearted gave to a representative of Saladin in the Middle ages. Fortunately, today gift giving has been refined into a science, with our gift registries catering to every type of person and event. As researchers have dug into the meaning of gift-giving, they have found that gifts are more for the pleasure of the giver than the recipient, hence the phrase ‘’it’s the gift of giving’’. Promotional products deliver a lower cost per impression than any other media and have the flexibility to fit the cost of the medium to whatever budget is available. A lot of companies have policies about supplying gifts to people in higher ranking positions, but they’re generally forgotten if your reward is easy, tasteful and correctly timed so it doesn’t appear like a bribe or something similar. Even though there might not always be a stated restriction, be mindful not to build the wrong impact with a gift, like something that might embarrass your receiver or result in a reprimand. Surely everybody can then agree that, carried out correctly, corporate gift giving is a cost-efficient way to develop a means of partnership with valued associates.

Ok, enough about why gifts are given, let’s talk about what types of gifts to give then.

In an ASI global study, it’s been found that Pens, USB sticks and key rings are the most likely to be carried around in a briefcase, work- or handbag. Though we at IB, strongly feel that the best gifts are the ones that is actually useful in everyday activities, something that makes a difference in making life a little easier or a solution to a problem, for a good corporate gift is something that creates a lasting impression, but to achieve this, personalization is key. Like with our selection of drinkware, that is designed with function in mind, whether it is an everyday coffee mug, a water bottle for the gym or a tumbler for when you are on the move.  So, is it safe to say that when it comes to showing gratitude, less expensive is best? Since that’s the case, it might be better to not always go overboard in choosing a suitable gift, but rather focusing on something relatively handy.

No matter the look, even our selection of component products and wide variety of notebook sets emphasizes the fulfillment of basic needs. Sometimes by even combining gift ideas, we can create a package that covers more areas of usefulness and better the chances of everyday use, for in that, having your logo displayed on each gift, a subconscious awareness is created within the recipient, always referring the person back to your logo or brand. Like our always handy Spark kinetic torch, with the multi-functional Trench keyholder, making it a combined item that can help out in dire circumstances, like finding your way in the dark…unless of course, it’s dark and you can’t find your keys! We also have gifts available that already has a combination of different abilities, like the Shadow Multi-tool & keyholder which combines more than 15 functions or like the many other multifunctional products we have available. From bags and Cooler accessories to torches and notebooks, we have it all, available in a variety of colors, in all shapes and sizes.

So, with that said, feel free to browse thru our vast array of corporate gifts, while keeping in mind that our products are of the best quality and combined with our friendly service, we’ll have you ready for any gift giving occasion. 


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  • Worlds Aids Day Ideas
    Worlds Aids Day Ideas

    It’s become a custom to do something special on the 1st of December, like having a bake sale or hosting a dinner party or some fund-raising or charity event, whether on a small scale or on a large one, uniting people in the fight against HIV has been the goal since the first year this globally recognized day was instated, turning it into one of the most known health days in the world.

    Following a meeting of Health ministers in January 1988, came a decision that a day would be set aside for the Aids (Acquired immune Deficiency Syndrome) pandemic, and be dedicated to spread awareness and support for the people living with it and also remembering the ones that have lost their lives to this destructive virus. The 1st of December was chosen due to it being a date that’s separated enough from the Christmas holidays or any other. The idea of the ribbon originally hailing from organizations like “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” (MADD), who started the “Tie One On For Safety” campaigns and the US Army handing out a yellow ribbon to deployed soldiers, was with the aim of prevention, education and spreading awareness. With the display of an 18-foot Red Ribbon hanging in the iconic north portico of the White House in 2007, the United States swiftly symbolized their commitment to combat this epidemic as well, garnering a lot of attention, for this was the first banner, sign or symbol to prominently hang from the White house since Abraham Lincoln lived there, making the red ribbon the global symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with aids.

    Having depicted a different theme each year since it started, ranging from themes like “COMMUNICATION” for the first one in ‘88, due to the majority of the world that were still denying its existence and effect, to “YOUTH”, “WOMAN and AIDS” and themes such as “STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION”, spreading knowledge of this virus has come quite a long way, for the countless lives that’s been lost are undeniable, therefore themes like the latest, “HANDS UP FOR HIV PREVENTION “or “GETTING TO ZERO”, show that people are more aware, with World Aids Day organizations targeting total prevention and control, instead of still trying to convince the world of its existence.

    Looking at ideas on how to participate in this special day, wearing a red ribbon for one day just seems to be lacking a sort of lasting image and appeal and it helps to keep in mind the goal for its purpose, and that will be to spread awareness and express and show one’s support. As its been made known on many occasions, Inter-Branding takes this fact seriously and we pride ourselves on achieving the “lasting effect”. With items such as our World Aids Day Button Badge or Party Cups, all sporting the red ribbon of course, you can have an open door in acquiring affordable products in large quantities, easily achieving this goal, but taken into consideration, these products would most likely only be worn or used this one day in the year. If that would be your aim, then you have found the perfect place, but we also believe that one can go even further and have a bigger impact on spreading the awareness or showing commemoration, by looking at products of a more reusable kind, like the always popular World Aids Day Hand Pens, Memo Clips or Earphones and many other, creating a more lasting impression and can even be used as a thoughtful company gift, proving your own knowledge and support of this struggle to educate the world. 

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